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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016

Hello it's 2016 and I was wondering if all those commitments you'd actually like to get started!  

Hello can you feel me I'm unrelenting and going to push you like no year before. 

Hello I want to see if there is a difference between you and the one who has shown up to New Years doorsteps a million times. 

Hello from the outside where at least I can say that I told you so a thousand times. 

Hello I'm Jonathan and I'm here to help you along the way!

Hello it's no secret that the both of us have been GRINDING for sometime. 

Hello from the other side of my phone where I must have sent a thousand messages. 

Hello from the No Box Thinking side where conformity clearly doesn't phase you anymore. 

Hello from the other side of the mountain I must have left a thousand trails for you to follow. 

Hello I want you to RISE and SHINE because now is the TIME!

Hello it's your mirror and I was wondering if all the time you wasted looking for the ONE you were actually ready to be the ONE?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Welcome 2 My House

As we close out a year and look forward to another I can't help but reflect on the blessings of 2015!  2014 ended with me speaking at a New Years watch meeting and accepting my calling into the ministry shortly afterwards. God blessed me to end last year with a bang and open this year on a mission to be faithful over few!  I got busy doing my Father's business and my family hoped right on board as always. This has inspired me to chronicle some high points from 2015 and provide some insight into a GAMECHANGING 2016!!!  

So let's get to business!!! 

While doing this I would like to say Welcome 2 My House and share a little behind the scenes to hopefully spread some of the love/passion/focus/fun/love/joy with the world. The actual theme song for this entry came from Flo Rida's song My House for which my son Jameson loves and sings constantly!  It is a song that you can instantly feel and makes you want to bust a move!  LOL!  Now let me get to the point of the post.  Over the past 12 months we have shared some amazing moments together and it has made time fly by so quickly. We actually kicked off the year with a 4-part family kindle series entitled The Time Is Now!  This series was a collaborative effort and changed our lives forever with the insight that came from each session that we sat down to actually create our LITERACY LECACY!  It inspired me to say that a family that reads together leads together! Now to take our story to the next level a family that writes together, also flies together. We had the privilege of flying to Jamaicia to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in July!  This was a homecoming for my father-in-law and a favorite place now for Jameson!  He keeps asking when he is going to get to go back!  We were blessed to be able to take him on such a trip and expose him to another culture/country!  We then moved to Tyler, Texas and began instantly making new friends!  Jameson settled in quickly and joined a soccer team at the YMCA/AAU basketball team called the SRWKnights, Tangela began making a difference in the lives of the local children in the community via her job and I was blessed to fly to Las Vegas to present at the National conference for Staff Development for Educators!  What a  summer to remember that led us into a Fall that we will remember forever!  You see we were appointed as the Youth and Young Adult Directors at Goodwill our local church that I also served as the Executive Pastor!  God had elevated us to a level to make a difference in so many different arenas and that one Sunday changed our total outlook on life!  The seeds of praying had paid off and our son had professed his belief in Jesus Christ dying for his sins, while also making the request to be baptized!  This moment that I will never forget got even better when I was fortunate enough to be able to baptize my son!  Talk about training up a child in the way that they should go!  We had did a good enough job that he made a decision to turn his life over to Christ!  Our GRIND truly is real and something that each of us can feel. You see our GRIND strengthens each other's GRIND and makes our overall family bond/blade very sharp!  As we got ready to place a bow on 2015 Jameson has found himself on the all A honor roll twice, Tangela/I have both completed another semester in our respective Doctoral programs, the No Box Thinking app/clothing line/radio show and book have all been released!  I had to take the time to let someone out there know that you can do anything that you set your mind too and Welcome 2 My House where the EXPECTATION is EXCELLENCE!  As you get ready for 2016 I want you to know that we are here to assist you in any pursuit that you are interested in but unsure about how to make it happen!  Reach out to Jameson for all children needs, Tangela for all women/girl needs and Jonathan for all men/boy needs!  We are here to establish a Kegler Institute that educates the world for a better tomorrow. To whom much is given much is required and we have been blessed with so much knowledge that we want to share with each of you!  Yes our 2015 was busy but it was building us to be a BLESSING to the world in 2016!  So enjoy the sounds of My House and get yourself mentally prepared for a crash course in life from The Kegler's!  

Email us at: 

for more information about the upcoming courses, booking information for the family, questions or comments!  We are in the lab creating a program that will inspire, motivation and transform people from all walks of life!  

So in closing I would like to say not only Welcome 2 My House but when you are ready to go to the next level in life Welcome 2 Kegler Institute to be continued.........

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Transformational Leadership

When some think of the word Transformer they probably think of Optimus Prime or whatever their favorite Transformer maybe. On the other hand others may think of the Transformer that supplies them with electricity/energy. In either case both of these Transformers change the atmosphere around them due to shear power/strength. The environmental change is powerful in and of itself.   

The type of Transformer that I would like to discuss however is a Transformational Leader who like the examples above has the power to change the environment that they are placed in. Whenever the need for Transformation arises the organization, company or team are in need of a change. Staying put or continuing with the status quo will simply get the same results thus the label of insanity is placed over the actual business name. This can be changed with the twinkling of an eye when a Transformational Leader is brought in due to their uncanny ability to not only gain people's trust but their ability to maximize others potential. An entire business, organization or nation can be changed forever once a Transformational Leader takes their rightful place. The sure energy, passion or drive they posses makes everything around once again come alive. Leaders of all types come a dime a dozen but when you experience a Transformational Leader they will truly leave you buzzing. Your potential will be tapped into and those who know you will ask "What's gotten into you?"  Therefore, the next move is up to you and the choice to become a better leader resides within you. If you truly want to get results that cause your team to rise to the top, then it's time to start giving out the energy that can TRANSFORM all that are connected to you.

One may ask: How can I become a Transformational Leader? To which my reply would be to become the one with the solutions to the problems others face. Take every opportunity to change the culture by saying something positive when negative is thrown your way. Being optimistic that the results will come if you continue to focus on your vision each day. Take the blame and freely give the credit away!  Be a facilitator keeping the momentum going in the proper way. Take the time to smile, laugh and joke occasionally. Ensure that the mission is at the forefront each and everyday.  Most importantly show up and find a way to Win The Day!  The last task given may seem impossible to do, but this is what will truly shape your Transformation and allow the best Leader to come out of you.  The best drawn plan will have a flaw or two but the Transformational Leaders always find a way to execute the plan by inspiring onlookers who watch them do what seemingly only they can do.  

The Time Is Now to POWER up and truly TRANSFORM into the game changing LEADER that others are relying on you to be!

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Morning Huddle

When one surrounds themselves around likeminded individuals they can truly SOAR like never before. Therefore when #nbtchat was created I could have never imagined how it would impact my life. The friends and associates that came along with the chat where some of the most outside the box people that I had met!  Yet the key was surrounding ourselves with each other so that the box was something we could truly forget. When failure hits we would truly be there to reassure each other that success would truly be next. I mean it was like a support group on steroids for lack of a better term that continued to grow stronger no matter the opposition that stood in the way. That is my main reason for writing this blog post today. It was inspired by Mr. John Riley A.K.A "Mr. Buckeye" who shared a game-changing tweet with me today. John poured gasoline on my already raging FIRE when he told me that I should "Title" my morning inspirational quotes as Morning Huddles since I have been known as Coach K to many!  This was an instant classic to me and will now be the latest greatest No Box Thinking inspired invention. So for those of you from near and far get ready to be inspired each morning from inside a huddle that will send you out to face your day like never before!  Sunday night #nbtchat will be back BURNING BOXES as always at 7:00 pm CST and the first Morning Huddle will follow Monday Morning July 20, 2015!  See you Sunday as No Box Thinking once again takes over the TWITTERVERSE!!!!  

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One man can change the world

The rejuvenation trip was right on time because even though I felt as though I was invincible I truly needed a break. You see when you burn the candle at both ends sometimes you loose the edge without even noticing it. I felt as though I was producing at an all time high but the path for which I am destined is going to take all that and much more. Therefore checking out for a week would serve as a time for me to reflect on where I had been and where I still had to go. I am determined to be one that can change the world but it will take an ultimate sacrifice that I had yet to even fathom. You see those that reach the pinnacle of success have one of two faits. They either become complacent with their success or they crash and burn do to ultimately allowing the pursuit of success to consume them. I have been talking and speaking no box thinking into existence for several years now and the time has come for me to be the one that actually breaks that mold. I truly desire to reach what some may call the pinnacle and actually burning it with the rest of the complacency symbols. My hunger and passion is what fuels me to constantly breakthrough barriers that have kept others at bay. The week away from it all actually began with the reading of 2 Thessalonians 
where Paul was writing to the original church a second letter of clarity. The initial letter was meant to keep them pursuing Christ and too not give up when others attempted to persecute them. The second letter was to address them develop a mindset of being lazy and waiting around on God to return without doing anything. It was stated that those who don't work, don't eat and I couldn't agree more. You see in life the hunger and passion is what separates the successful from those who dwell in mediocrity. The small ingredient that was spelled out to me was the fact that these type of people are called underemployed which was an interesting word to say the least. It was in reference to an idle mind being a devils workshop where he could breed the gossip wars that amount to 0 percent of work being done. You see the sermon that came to me out of this passage was A Lie Don't Care Who Tells It. The reason being the false profits would easily be able to sell the people on the thought that God was retuning soon in hopes that they would become complacent and discontinue their work for the Lord. You see this takes me back to the opening of this entry in that the pinnacle equals currently two different directions. At the end of the day we become full of ourselves and forget the original work that we set out to accomplish. You see by burning down the pinnacle one man can then change the world because the ceilings or comfort zones will be negated from the minds of the people and they will begin to continually do the work of him who has sent them until the ultimate clock expires. By no means am I saying that I have power to tell you when the end will draw near but I can tell you that as long as you continue to work and acknowledge God as the fuel for your passion pursuit you will never get to a state of emergency where you are fuel less. I mean if you are tired of hitting the wall and not being able to push through the barriers that presently exist then you need to stop whatever you are doing right now and ask God to FILL you up with the Holy Ghost fuel to propel you into a non stop flight to destination CHANGE all ABOARDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Saved by the 3 J's

At a time such as this one could look in many directions for an answer to the question what is this world coming too?  Those who are spiritually discerned would give you one view, those who are of non belief would give you a view and then one would find CHILDREN who would give their own view. In my current roles of Father, Coach, Principal, Youth/Young Adult Pastor and Empowerment Specialist I have an opportunity to be around and impact CHILDREN on a daily basis. Therefore at a time like this I choose to go to the CHILDREN and see what they have to say on the current status of the world. In this blog post of Saved By the 3 J's I wanted to share with the word that NOW is the time to accept God as your Savior      because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Man will let you down and lead you astray every time. This is why we must know The Lord for ourselves. This is where Saved By the 3 J's comes into play as the 3 young men pictured below each have a name that begins with a J left to right are Joshua, Jameson and Jack. These young men brought Isaiah 11:6 to the forefront of my mind where it plainly states that a CHILD will lead them. The unique GAMECHANGING moment that each of these young men have in common is that within the last week God has moved on their hearts, mind, body and soul in such a way that each of them has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Therefore, my prayer is that if you choose not to listen to me or any other man of God, you would wake up and listen to the CHILDREN as they are LEADING the way to salvation. People when living in these perilous times we must seek to understand the teachings of The Lord now more than ever. Don't delay take this time to get your life right today. So in the spirit of being Saved By the 3 J's let the CHURCH (body of believers) SAY AMEN!  

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Trail of Tassels........

As we embark upon the season of graduation I would like to take you for a stroll down memory lane and seek your advice for what should follow the trial of tassels!

Let's begin this journey with the initial Kindergarten graduation. For many students this signifies you being able to color, recite and count hopefully your fingers/toes. This is the extent for the average Joe and as far as the world many still don't know. This step however propels one into the realm called education that is slightly more tolerable then taking ones medication.  

Then you move on up the ladder of school success as you graduate from High School. No longer you say to yourself do I have to listen to mom/dads rules.  However I would pause for a minute to ask:

Riddle me this and riddle me that who is now going to be the one making sure that you do this and that?

For many students they would have not the slightest clue about that question. They now feel that they have crossed the threshold of no longer being a little girl/boy and have an amazing rush of exuberance an unbridled joy. Next up is college, a job and so much more. For each student at this point their potential is untapped and who really knows what's in store. 

Then on down the line hopefully comes a collegiate graduation of some kind.  The question at this point becomes:

Who's going to the be the one to keep you steady and on track?

This is the one that no one saw coming and rarely gets completed on time. You see many get to this stage of life and either go fast or slow and parents only hope that they at least go. You see this is the trip of a lifetime with books/learning being the furthest thing from most students mind. This is the time where one is able to discover and find that the inner kid wasn't really left far behind. This is the first real moment of truth where one has to look in the mirror wondering what happened to my youth. You see these are the ultimate days where actually taking a nap would be great but most have to find a job that pays. The bills begin to come in steadily and now one realizes that this thing called life is really real. 

For those who are able to make it through undergraduate and find a job in there chosen career field, going back for more and to become a master of your subject makes for stronger hire appeal. You see getting the additional education is often what separates the followers from the leaders. This time is often where one finds out what late night study sessions and 2:00 am value meal deals are all about. When one completes this stage the the sudden urge for many is to shout because one assumes that they finally figured out what the game of education is all about. 

Then for those who are seeking an even higher ground the Ph. D program can be found. This program truly weeds out the real from the fake and leaves no doubt about experiencing education heart break. You see at this stage no longer can one fake it until they make it. The course of study is grueling for all who take it and at the end one can only hope to make it. The finish line begins close but o so far away. However for those who endure to the end they ultimately make it to the FINAL graduation day. The day is filled with emotion no doubt because now truly the Doctor knows the magic cure and how to figure this thing called graduation out!  

The walking and completing of the task is the ultimate lure but the uncertainty of what comes next is what we are in need of finding a cure. Stop by #nbtchat if you have an hour on your hands to help those out to make post graduation plans. Bring your funny commencement speech stories and how you stayed up late cramming but live to tell the story. We will get together and have a grand time of burning the box of how to handle one of the traditional right of passage of man kind!  So get ready because it's GRADUATION TIME!!!!

Below are some friends and family who have just completed each stage of graduation discussed in the blog post:

Jeremiah Lyons - Kindergarten - Texas
Tyler Hill - High School - Arkansas 
Chaun Williams - Undergraduate - University of Texas at Arlington 
Tammara Marion - Masters - Stephen F. Austin
Eric Thomas - Ph. D - Michigan State University